Saturday, February 25, 2017

Quiltcon 2017 - Savannah

It has been an exhausting, exhilarating two days at the Convention Center in Savannah. I'm on sensory ovarload and my feet hurt, but that's part of the deal. Right??

The vibe here is strong and good; lots of young people - and I mean young! But there is a palpable sense of energy and enthusiasm, even among us seasoned ones - LOL.   I had a wonderful time looking at all the quilts and seeing old friends, former students, and meeting Facebook friends in person!

Sandi Suggs and I have been chatting online for a long time and we finally got to meet! I love when you meet a cyber-friend and hit it off like old friends.  This was a joy and I can't wait to see her (and her friends) again.

Today's unexpected gift was spotting Sophie, my delightful student from the class I taught last year in Switzerland.  She and her friend Sophie (yes) came all the way for ths QuiltCon and we were so excited to see each other!  She promised to send me a photo of the piece she had started in class. She is a Swiss Modern Quilter!!

If you've been reading Facebook, you'll see that I posted some pictures of quilts at the show. But there were many more that I thought were interesting or that really spoke to me.  I still don't think I saw everything there, but I'll share what I can.

One of the classes I teach is Idea to Improv, where you come to class with an idea or an image to use as a jumping-off place for a quilt.  I was taken by one exhibit by an online group, all of whom interpreted the same photo in a modern way.  Here was the original photo, taken from the High Line in New York.

And here were three of the pieces that resulted. There were more but I didn't get photos of all of them.

Here are some other quilts I enjoyed looking at.

This one for its palette.

 This one for its use of negative space.

This was a group quilt I thought really worked.

And this one, inspired by a Stuart Davis exhibit, really captured his vibe.  My fave.

I cannot wait to get back to Florida and start cutting and sewing. 


Quilteuse Forever said...

It looks so great this year! I am over the moon to read that really young people have interest in modern quilting.
Small world: hugs to my friend Sophie!
Katell, France

Kaja said...

This sounds like such fun. Sophie makes great quilts.

Marianne said...

Un réel plaisir de vous lire sur ce Quiltcon 2017. ca fait plaisr de sentir qu'il y a de la jeunesse dans ce rendez vous!

sandiqltr said...

Thanks for sharing your time with me and my cronies at QuilCon. Have wanted to meet you in RL for a long time. Safe travels.

Linda Hicks said...

Hooray for exhilaration and improvisation! Enjoyed that.

WiltedQuilter said...

I loved seeing the photos of the three different interpretations of the buildings. That is something I would like to try.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

WOW! So much to see and so many people to see again! Did you take a look around Savannah?

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