Wednesday, April 26, 2017

fabric strip giveaway update

Congrats to Quiltdivajulie, whose number came up in the generator! Julie, I'll send your envelope out as soon as I come up for air.

For any of you who would like an envelope of strips(and a random scrap or two) I can pack a flat rate LEGAL SIZE USPS envelope for $7.00 and hope they don't reject it for being too thick😓. This is actually more than a pound of fabric (a lb supposedly supposedly equals 1 yd.)

Send me an email with your address (if you haven't already done so) and I will send you a Paypal invoice so you can go to my account and pay me.  Till I can get the button calculation straightened out with them (they add $5 shipping to my price, even though the $7 is shipping and I am not charging for the fabric,I am doing it this way.  

Yes, this is time-consuming and it will take a while.  But I am happy to do it.  Just don't expect your package immediately because I am blotto from moving everything out of my studio in the next town into my garage, and doing the same with my (3) extra sewing machines and fabric. 
I have filled an entire bag with brown repro and other brown fabrics and am trying to think who in the world I can donate it to. Another story.

If you live in NJ and want to buy an etching press, I am thinking about selling my Blick 999
18"x24" press with blankets. You have to pick it up because it weighs more than I can lift.  Blick is sellng the new one for some $1700 without extra blankets. I'm asking $900, including the blankets.

Also for NJ residents - I have a Thermofax that needs a bulb and a new belt.  However: full disclosure: the machine I have takes only a 15w bulb and they don't make them any more.  There is someone online who will convert the 15w machine to a 12w and then bulbs are no problem. It costs $225 or some such for the conversion.  I would send it to him but I can't lift the machine, but you have to pick it up (accompanied by a strong person).  If you are interested, at $650 it is a bargain, even with the conversion. This is what the machine cost me 10 years ago.  Working 3M Thermofaxes are selling for $1300-1900 today. Incredible.

Yawn.   The room is shaping up, but I am done for the day. It is already technically tomorrow.  I just want to get the place organized and the table cleared off so I can PLAY!!

Stay tuned.


Linda Hicks said...

Keep eating your spinach

Sue Erdreich said...

Are you giving up your studio in East Orange, or just cleaning?

patty a. said...

I feel your pain. I was cleaning and organizing quilts yesterday and I am overwhelmed. Let's just say I have plenty of quilts to keep me warm if the next ice age happens!

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