Saturday, April 08, 2017

Heading north

It has been a busy, hectic, somewhat stressful - but lively, Palm Beach winter. I had both ancient/ugly bathrooms renovated, which took twice as long (of course) as I had hoped.  We finally have a modern master bath and guest bath.  We took out the tub in the master; the peeling ceilings have been fixed, clear shower doors installed, the tile replaced, linen cupboard installed in master bath...etc.  Still have to deal with the window, add artwork and mirrors to both bathrooms, but basically, they are done. And the showers are delicious!

The last 3 days before we left, the painters were here and covered up the ugly, 30 year old peach paint in the whole apartment with a lovely light gray. All the stress, mess, and aggro were worth it.

So here we are, heading north again with the other snowbirds and a plethora of vehicles that should have their own road! This does not include horse trailers or humungous RVs dragging cars, motorcycles, bikes, and boats; or the truck fire that tied up traffic for 10 miles. Never a dull moment on I-95. 

We are in Durham, getting ready to go to dinner with our friend Marni.  To be continued.


Linda Hicks said...

Rayna! You make it look so easy...So many decisions and all accomplished...BRAVA! Wish you were here to expedite our rebuild

patty a. said...

Congratulations on the bathroom finishes. I know how hard they can be to do. I remodeled both of mine at the same time and I had to do what work I could to save money. Somebody should have stopped me when I decided to tile my master bath floor to ceiling on every wall with mosaic tile. It is not a big bathroom - 11.5' x 6', but that was still a lot of square footage!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Wonderful choice on the gray walls and the 'makeover' is lovely! safe road trip home!

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