Sunday, May 08, 2005

mother's day memo

Hope you all had a lovely day today! We had brunch with my mother, daughter, and son-in-law in Sarabeth's at the Whitney Museum. Yum - and then we got to see the ART! Loved Tim Hawkinson's weird sculpture. His work is so interesting: when you walk beneath and around it, you create airwaves that make the thing move and make noise. Fascinating. You can get a good view of the exhibit at . Then click on the link to the slideshow. -152d We also saw the Cy Twombley drawings and prints, which slightly resembled what my daughter Hilary did in nursery school. I thought her drawing was brilliant art but I doubt that it belongs on the walls of the Whitney. One thing about that museum -- it's never dull! Seeing all that art did make me want to get back into my studio. So what am I doing blogging????

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PaMdora said...

I loved that Tim Hawkinson show at the Whitney!

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