Thursday, May 26, 2005

art opening in Chelsea

Tonight was the opening of the NJ/NY SDA juried exhibit at the Phoenix Gallery in New York City. The place was mobbed and there was not enouogh time to talk to the people I wanted to see, but it was a very cool show. If you can't get there in person, here it is on-line. It's bettere than any pictures I could have taken at the reception - you would only have seen the backs of people's heads (which I usually manage to cut off in my photos, anyway). So, go visit the virtual one when you're done here. Apparently, the 4th Thursday all the galleries in Chelsea have openings and people were all over the sidewalks having a good time and inside enjoying some of the art. I say SOME because honestly, we walked into one place that looked like the local junior high school art students had put their experiments on the walls. I think it was one of those galleries where you pay to rent wall space for a month. Of course, unless you KNOW it is one of those 'pay to play' galleries, you ask yourself why on earth the pencil scribblings of a four-year old would end up in a NY gallery. On the other hand, we saw a Chuck Close exhibit at the Pace Wildenstein and it was very nice. Of course, the paintings are huge and unless you are far away, you can't tell whos portraits they are. They were all sold and they all cost over a million dollars each. De gustibus non disputandum est. Go visit the Phoenix Gallery instead.

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