Monday, May 09, 2005

Ah - the angst

A Originally uploaded by raynag.
Here we go again -- moving stuff around on my design wall. Pieces I printed the other day have been dancing around on the wall, with no 'aha' yet. Thanks to my digital camera, I can see them side-by-side, so to speak -- and it gives me a little perspective. Back and forth and back and forth -- this is the creative process. I know which one works best for ME. But I am not finished yet.


lizzieb said...

My 2 cents worth is for the placement of the squares in the middle piece...but you know what you want! I love the squares...when I grow up I want to be like you!!

Rayna said...

I tend to like the first one best but I dismantled the whole thing and started again; if I have any time later tonight, I'll post it.
LOL - Thanks, Liz...but I still haven't grown up yet!

cfent said...

i love this piece rayna! the colors. the grid. the whole thing... claire

Debra said...

This is tough one Rayna. Three dark squares, 4 medium, 2 light (atleast it seems that way on my monitor). Hard to place those to "balance" the color, which is why I think I like an arrangment similar to #1. Just own it.

I really like the pieces where you butt 2 grids close together. The bottom photo is too balanced and static.

I want to be your apprentice when we grow up.

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