Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I'm back

IMG_1179 Originally uploaded by raynag.

It's been a long week of sandwich duty (see earlier post about sandwich generation). I am exhausted beyond belief and haven't had either the time or energy to post. I have missed you all! At any rate, I have had this THING sitting on my wall and thought I'd share the various permutations with you. I threw some fabric at my design wall and here's what stuck. *note gray felt which is not part of the piece.

rearranged pieces - 2nd version

next try


now it is too busy and doesn't flow


but we are getting somewhere with the last version...don't you think?


Since I took thesee pictures I've continuted to add pieces but mostly they are parked there while I work on something else. My room is in disarray.

I have put my feet up, am about to make a strong cup of tea and am going to spend the rest of the evening reading Peter Robinson's latest mystery novel, "Strange Affair." If you haven't read his work, I highly recommend it. Extremely literate, characters that you can care about who are relatively complex human beings -- well written British police procedurals. Start with his early ones, since there is continuity in the background and relationships between the characters. And please let me know you've been here -- leave me a note. All this generational caregiving has left me desperate for contact with the outside world.

xxx Rayna


londoninflames said...

hey, i found your site while randomly surfing through blogger and i've found it interesting watching the process of art... nice work!

Carol Logan Newbill said...

That sounds like a lovely evening, Rayna. Thanks for the suggestion on the Robinson books -- I will check them out. :)

teri springer said...

I will also check them out. I am working on John Sandford's latest paperback, "Hidden Prey."

Love the new piece.....not sure which one I like the best. I really need to seem them all grouped together to do that.


Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

Oh we're here. Wouldn't miss seeing your fabulous work for anything. Thanks so much for sharing your time, your thoughts and your talent.

Rayna said...

Brightened my day to see your comments, guys. Maybe today I'll even have time to check your blogs, too.

Debra said...


I was about to drop you a line asking if you were OK. But then I thought if you were too busy to blog, maybe I'd let you get on with your life.

But I surely did miss your blog. (OK, I won't call you Shirley...)

Michele Merges Martens said...

I like watching your process of creating...

Nikki said...

I'm here. I did some stamping on fabric the other day and it made me wish I had figured out a way to take your workshop when you were on Whidbey Island. I've written myself a note to remind me to watch your Simply Quilts episode next week!

Elle said...

I LOVE these!

JulieZS said...

Rayna, I just love seeing how you go through the process of art making. Totally fascinating, and I agree, the last one is the best arrangement.

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