Monday, June 12, 2006

another day in Columbus

By the time yesterday was over, these were done, plus a few more. When I get home, I'll continue to experiment with taking the color out and creating interesting patterns - probably in conjunction with other surface design processes. Today, Helene and I did the shopping circuit, stopping first at Friends Fabric Art booth in the hotel, where we each dropped a small fortune in Gill paints and books. Then, on to Chico's, a splendid bookstore, and Byzantium, which sells beads and other exotic items. I bought two more wood blocks for printing. As IF I need them! Tomorrow, we go to the Wexner to see the fiber exhibit. I went out without my card in the camera today, but promise to take what I can tomorrow. Meantime, it is late and I have an appointment tomorrow morning, so we need to get an early start. This piece of purple African brocade cotton yielded a rather whimsical result, which makes me smile. Maybe I'll have pleasant dreams - and I hope you do, too. More tomorrow.


Judy said...

Interesting pieces, Rayna! The one on the bottom reminds me of two doggies.

Gerrie said...

Ooooh! Aaaaah! You are having too much fun while I am home working!

JulieZS said...

Love those pieces, such great detail in them. The african brocade is especially cool.