Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wednesday night

I tried to take a picture of the rain, but that didn't work too well. Then again, who wants to see such a picture? If you're really dying to see the river, click on the picture for a larger version. Today, I accomplished a lot of things on my virtual checklist, but I couldn't cross them off because I hadn't written them down.

1. baked 4 doz. choc. chip cookies this morning and did not eat ANY. 2. packed QSDS supplies, including cookies. I hope the suitcase inspectors don't eat them. 3. packed another small suitcase with a few clothes, leaving room for the following purchases in Columbus: Helene Davis' hand-dyed fabric, Helene's hand-dyed t-shirts, clothes from Chico's. 4. found and packed slides and a few quilts for Asheville lecture. 5. watched a riveting PBS biography on George Gershwin and am still humming, and sighing over Fred Astaire. Considering that I NEVER watch tv, this is noteworthy! 6. refrained from posting a long, boring, off-topic qvetch to QuiltART about Blogger's huge amount of downtime in the past 24 hours. 7. decided that I am happy with the piece on my wall and will put it together when I get back from everywhere I am going. I'll try to post tomorrow, between the raindrops.


cfent said...

those of us who havent seen rain in a long while LOVE it even if it is just a photo! and i;m packign just like you are...(wihout the cookies....)

Deb H said...

I love the rain picture. We usually get light misty drizzles here, never the good drenching rains like back east. I could almost smell it, just looking at your picture.
Have fun in Ohio. Wish I could join you.

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