Sunday, June 04, 2006

sunday in the park

Riker Hill Art Park is a former Nike missile base -- a series of cinderblock buildings in which there are studios that the county rents to artists for a nominal sum. I think this picture was taken when the place was still a base, but the building in the photo is typical of the former army barracks - now studios.The army left in 1963 and some of the buildings are still boarded up. Of course, the heat doesn't always work and there is no AC and the artists have to fix up their own spaces and the bathrooms are shared and you don't want to be up there alone at night. But otherwise, very nice - LOL. I am thinking about calling the county tomorrow to see if there is wet space available. There are sculptors, glass artists, potters, jewelry and metal workers, painters, and a printmaking studio up there. We bought a coffee mug for me and a sugar bowl, the glaze of which is the color of my kitchen walls.

Meantime, back in my home studio...I've been working intermittently and the piece keeps morphing. None of yesterday's pieces exist. Here are today's auditions.

Small differences, but differences nevertheless. And once I get there, it will change again as it is being sewn together. But we're not there yet.


Lin said...

These are super, Rayna! I love the colors and the bits and pieces within the design I recognize ...GREAT JOB here!

Judy said...

Rayna, I can't bring up any of your photos, but obviously Lin it my computer or blogger?
Wish I could see what you are up to!!

Ted Orland said...

Hell, everyone loves your tapestries, Rayna -- but I love your NIKE MISSILE BASE! Promise me you'll take me there if I ever visit -- it's my kind of territory (photographically speaking).

Rayna said...

They're not tapestries - but you are excused from not knowing the difference - LOL.

If you promise to come in 2009, I promise to take you there.

JulieZS said...

Rayna, I love seeing your process pictures, they are so inspiring to me. I think the Nike Missile base pic would make a great screenprint image.

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