Saturday, June 03, 2006

yasou & back to the studio

Marty and I went to the Greek festival at St. Constantin & Helen church tonight. A lively scene and a nice change from the restaurants we usually visit. This is the first time we've been around on the weekend of the festival. Next week is the festival at St. Mary's Armenian church - but I'll be in Ohio. Ah, well. The food was reasonable and homemade, and we dined on spanikopita(spinach & feta pie), tiropita(cheese triangles), lemony stuffed grape leaves, moussaka, Greek salad and red wine. Entertainment at no extra charge. Sorry you can't hear the wonderful music. On our way out, dessert to take home. Baklava for Marty and a kataifi from this tray for me.I am enjoying this with some Greek coffee I just made. I will probably be up all night, with this fragrant and delicously bitter coffee that is a counterpoint to the sweets. STUDIO STUFF: Recently, I uploaded a picture of a piece of fabric I had printed. Here it is again. As much as I love the whole cloth, I knew it needed to be cut if I was going to use it. So I bit the bullet (why is this so difficult for me??) and ripped. Late this afternoon I started playing, and since I shot several permutations to see how the various versions looked, I thought I would post them here as I continue my journey. I was really hoping to do something minimalist, but I don't think that word is in my vocabulary. I know it seems like a year since I posted some actual PROCESS photos, but I guess it is time to get back to my blogging roots. The surrounding gray is the wall. Try to ignore it; I couldn't be bothered to crop these views, three of which no longer exist.

With that, I've had enough coffee, dessert, and art for the night. I am going to put my feet up and read the latest adventures of P.D. James' detective Adam Dalgleish for a while. Tomorrow, Randy Keenan, Diane Savona and I are going to the open studios at Riker Hill Art Park, which used to be a Nike missile site when I first moved to town. The county owns it now.


cfent said...

so which one still exists????

Rayna said...

By today, none. I'll post the next few versions as I work.

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