Thursday, June 15, 2006

finishing up

Once we left the Wexner, the scenery became more interesting. This wonderful grass was growing outside the museum - one picture taken looking into the sun, the other with the sun behind me.

This grate would have been lovely without my shadow, but oh well.

Don't know why this bench reminded me of Paris.

Huh?La pièce de résistance.

Enough of this idle chit-chat. I have to finish my laundry and pack again. But I'll try to check in before I leave on Monday for Asheville, where I am looking forward to seeing my friend Pam Morris and putting more faces to names.


martha in ny said...

I rather like the shadow on the manhole cover. Allo Ted. I just got your book and started reading this morning.I had to stop at Art and Society. Got scared:)
Maybe I should read Art and Fear?? My note in the margin says art is its own reward. For me it must be, as I am probably never again going to display my work in public, after being in several "art" shows and feeling vastly un appreciated by everyone except the other artists-which was a small reward in and of itself.Except on my blog which is another sort o shelter..okok So I am not thinking in a linear "logical" way. I have a degree in philosophy.Though I never went to art school, my mother was an art teacher.Looking forward to more discussion. Am I doing it right by posting here?

Ted Orland said...

Just for fun, Martha, I’m mailing you a copy of “Art & Fear” – it’s not that you’d need to read it to appreciate “The View”, but it may engage some questions that are more relevant to you at this particular moment.

I think putting one’s art out there for the world to see is always a dicey proposition. Critics are everywhere, criticism abounds, and complete disinterest is universal. Needless to say this can all be devastating to the artist, to whom every aspect of their art is intensely personal -- after all, how many OTHER activities routinely call one's basic self-worth into question? It’s amazing any of us survive! Those who do stay in the game do so, I think, by slowly building up courage and scar tissue and resilience in equal measure.

As for whether this is the right spot to post your comments – well, I'm definitely not the right person to ask. I only discovered about three weeks ago that blogs even EXIST -- and they’re still baffling to me. I feel like I could spend my whole day wandering from site to site, occasionally (and apparently by sheer luck) stumbling upon entries that are relevant to me. Isn’t there some giant “Find” dialog box where you can type in a key word and have it alert you to all the blogs everywhere that match you to what you’re looking for?

martha in ny said...

Woo Hoo
Thanks Ted! How nice.And thanks Rayna for telling me to come back and look.
I think the thing I like most about blogs is that we do eventually find the things we need to find. A blogocosm, as it were. (groan. sorry, it can't be helped.Its late.)

Rayna said...

Martha, yes - art is its own reward. But so is the validation that (we hope) comes eventually when someone tells you how wonderful your work is. It's one step at a time when you put your art 'out there.' Never say 'never again.' Open yourself to the possibilities!

martha in ny said...

Rayna, The discharge pieces are really cool. I am signed up for a class on line for batik and hope to get to it this week. Last week was Craaazy-two kids moved out and lots of rollercoaster riding for me the mom. The up side is that my studio and my sewing room are now in tip top shape and ready for me get back to work. O and another daughter is getting married this summer and my youngest-14!- may be in an art appreciation program in the city in July -the first time in 26 yrs I may be without a kid at home-o joy!
and...I will have to remove the word never from my lexicon.

martha in ny said...

Reading Art and fear! Thanks Ted! I definitely fall into the perfectionist category! So much packed into a little book. I am sure I will read it again.

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