Sunday, June 18, 2006

oh my goodness

Is it already Sunday night??? I am nearly packed to leave tomorrow morning for Asheville. This afternoon, as I was packing supplies, I suddenly decided to experiment a bit with my new syringes, which are slightly smaller than the ones I normally use. Hmmm...they are a bit different and take some getting used to. However, in last-minute mode, I printed a few new fabric samples to take to this traditional guild,which I think is having its first surface design workshop. So I went to work with some found objects, textile paint, and a spray bottle full of water. The pieces below are more cheerful, but I suspect the cloth above will fit better into one of my more muted pieces. We spent Father's Day with Marty's sons, our daughters-in-law and grandkids and it was a lovely afternoon and evening. Now, however, I need to finish packing and make sure I have all the phone numbers I will need while I am there. I will be coming home from NC and leaving a few days later for Florida -- a two weeks I am not looking forward to. But that's another story for another day. I hope to post Asheville pix while I am there. Yikes! Leaving at the crack of dawn for the airport.


Sonji Hunt said...

Those two bottom pieces have a very lively blossomy feel. I really like the effect of those syringe lines. Have fun in Ashville.

Lin said...

oh these are GORGEOUS!!!

Judy said...

I really like those two cheerful pices, Rayna!