Monday, August 27, 2007

I love my sewing machine??

These are words I NEVER thought I would hear myself say, since I dislike sewing. But I really don't mind these days because this 6500 is such a pleasure. Thank you, Pam. This weekend I made a baby quilt for one of my daughter Jessica's oldest and best friends. A baby quilt? Yep. I was just in the mood. It's called art avoidance. Here I am tonight, putting on the binding. With mitered corners. Binding? Mitered corners? Do you believe it?

These are string blocks that I pieced on newspaper - the old fashioned way. Because they are sewn on the bias but not cut on the bias, it was very difficult to get them to lie flat. But I think I've managed. Sewing on bindings is work for people who watch tv - but I read, so I am not sure how I am going to do this. Offhand, I don't have any doctors' offices to sit in, either. I used to knit and read at the same time, but it's different - you don't have to look at your knitting. At any rate, here is the quilt with the binding sewn on one side and pinned, waiting for hand sewing on the other side.
I prefer that people use my baby quilts as mats on the floor to put the baby down on. That way, the kid can be stimulated by all the color and pattern and movement. There should be nothing precious about these things - they need to be USED.

Tomorrow I will sew the binding and - oooh - embroider the baby's name with the amazing capability of this Janome. My life must be pretty dull for me to get excited about THIS.


Frances said...

oh Rayna, luck baby what a beautiful bright quilt, as to boring binding sewing do you have any plays or book readings on your radio stations? I don't have t.v. and save hand sewing for the plays and stories we have on the radio, if you don't have any and are intersted let me know I can give you a web link so you can listen online, your quilt brightened up my dull rainy morning, thanks,

Gerrie said...

A gogeous quilt. I agree with the mat on the floor idea. I even send along a poem about how to abuse and use the quilt!

Lisa Walton said...

Quilt is very cute and I agree with you about my 6500 - wonderful machine.

Emmie said...

Love your baby quilt. That's my favorite way to make them. I have three I need to make right now but my scrap box is so full it overwhelms me!!!

Kristen Cook Tyler said...

i really like this quilt. Looks like art to me!