Friday, August 03, 2007

Lowell again??

Yep. More goings-on. Today, after breakfast at our favorite place (see sign at left), we went for a walk in downtown Lowell. Outdoor art! What a whimsical display of public art made by artists and students - we had to park the car and walk over to take a closer look at the wonderful dresses that were part of the downtown scene.

This one was a traffic-stopper.

And these were wonderful, too. All in memory of the Lowell Mill Girls who worked and slaved in the textile mills till they were closed only about 50 years ago. Then we couldn't resist a closer look. Here are Rachel, Shelley, and Helene amongst the art, wishing they could play dress-up. But it was even hotter today than yesterday, so those long sleeves weren't really tempting.

Tomorrow is the opening of Art Quilts Lowell 2007 in the afternoon and beforehand, we hope to see the quilt show and get back to the Western Ave. Studios which will all be open on First Saturday. More, anon.

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Sharon said...

How cool is that! What a marvelous way to celebrate the Mill girls! I gave my granddaughter a book for her birthday that was essential the diary of a shirtwaist factory girl. I'm going to send her to your blog so she can see how they celebrate. Love it!

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