Friday, August 31, 2007

where was I?

At the gym. At the studio. At home, paying bills. At the post office, finding out that if I sent a quilt in the USPS priority mail triangular tube it would cost me $25 to ship it to California. If I packaged the same piece in a Priority Mail large flat rate box, $5 and change. Happily, the guy who worked in the post office (not in MY town) clued me in and was great. Can I tell you that it is cheaper to go FEDEX most of the time?
But I digress. Here is the THING on the wall from earlier this week. Taken apart. Put back together. Better. The blue fabric is my handprint; the purple is commercial. Interesting? Maybe. Maybe not. In any case, it is not MOI. Not sure what I will do to make it mine, but I am not going to do it tonight. My grandson Benjamin and his ice cream match the blue in the piece above.Josh preferred strawberry - an inspiration for my next piece?? Nah - the cone is too fuzzy. But do you notice that the colors in the picture all harmonize? Boring, IMHO. Where is the zinger? Acid green would do it.So, tonight's assignment (should I choose to accept it) is to do something interesting with the THING on the wall. Too tall an order?

Thanks to all of you who commented in response to my question yesterday about why you print fabric and what you expect/want to do with it. I had some other thoughts, but they will have to wait till next post.

In the meantime, i will continue reading Alexander McCall Smith's latest book and tomorrow,will schlep to some appliance store 50 miles away and across 2 bridges and umpteen nasty highways, just so we can take a look at a cooktop that is not available anywhere else. Monday, my kitchen designer comes again. It is certainly an interesting exercise. Has anyone out ther redone a kitchen lately?


Susie Monday said...

I am so befuddled by the mailing issues. Everytime I go to the post office, it seems to be a different price and I am spending a fortune on mailing. I will try to find a FEDEX shop nearby to try.

Anonymous said...

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