Sunday, August 05, 2007

back to yogurt & fruit

Other people take pictures of elegant meals or gorgeous desserts. I tried, but the only one that came out was this one at the left: The Owl Diner's excellent corned beef hash, 2 eggs over, etc. My favorite breakfast - five mornings in a row (although without the extra potatoes). I must admit that these hearty breakfasts keept us energized till well after normal lunch hour and then we ate light lunches. But tomorrow - back to the usual fare: low-fat, healthful, and guaranteed to have me noshing by 11:00 in the morning. Maybe there is something to this big-breakfast theory.
After breakfast, a few of us waltzed over to see the traditional quilts . Just in case we were in danger of forgetting what we were going to see, here was a reminder.

Then, in the afternoon, art quilts. Yesterday's opening of Art Quilts Lowell was mobbed, with yummy Cambodian hors' d'oeuvres catered and sponsored by Misty Fuse. As usual at these affairs, I was so busy chatting that I almost forgot to take pix. But here are a few - posted with the permission of the artists, who were warned that these were going up on my blog. This is Diane Wright in front of her piece. Shelley Baird and Judith Plotner, enjoying themselves. And Penny Myles, along with the three models for her piece. After this morning's breakfast,a kind stranger snapped this picture. L-R: Helene Davis, Rachel Cochran, yrs trly, Laura cater-woods, Shelley Baird, Corni Forster. I hope we are all safely at home by now. I have unpacked, done laundry, re-packed (sort of) and will be leaving again on Tuesday.


Judy said...

Hello Rayna!
Well I have enjoyed reading all about your trip to Lowell. We are on Squam Lake, about 2 hrs north of Lowell, and the weather is delicious. It has been clear, sunny and cool for the past 2 days. Today, however, it is in the 60s and drizzly....nice time to catch up on emails.
Take care of yourself.

JoAnn said...

Hi Rayna:
I was unable to get to the Festival this year, but enjoyed your view of it! Thanks for the needed inspiration.

Kristen Cook Tyler said...

As you know, wish I could have been there!!! Looks like fun! and looks like a beautiful show.

Sonji Hunt said...

Seems like a wonderful time, Rayna. It's so great to see that this sort of thing is going on all over the place. Makes me feel better.

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