Tuesday, August 07, 2007

If it's Tuesday this must be Berkeley

But first, a little backtracking. Helene left yesterday - I took her to the airport to make a 4:00 flight. She had a bit of difficulty getting her suitcase closed because of the fly swatters, door stops and other assorted goodies, including a metal bulletin board she found at IKEA. All great stuff to print with (except the bulletin board, of course). Northwest has had some slight problems and poor Helene didn't get home to Paducah till 3:am. Continental, anyone?
I flew Continental today and it left only 1 hr 15 min late; not bad, according to my sources. There were 30 planes ahead of us on the runway at Newark waiting for takeoff. I left 100 degree weather and here I am, in the chilly Bay Area without a jacket. Duh. I think I brought a couple of 3/4 sleeve cotton shirts, though.

Tonight I had a gourmet dinner with Patricia Smith, who moved here from NJ a while ago and took my class at AQ Claremont in April. ANd I expect to see LizzieB one night this week - how wonderful to see friends when I travel!

The shuttle driver from the airport was French - from Avignon - and it gave me a chance to play a bit with the language I love best. History, politics, and all kinds of exciting things - a monologue from the drive who spoke to me the whole time, turning his head to the back seat where I was sitting, as he drove. The man next to me was a little upset that the driver was going across the bay bridge while looking back at me and yakking nonstop. LOL. He dropped us at the Hotel Durant - a vintage hotel that is clean but a little - uh - frayed around the edges. But so am I, so I don't suppose I should complain. Here is the view into the lobby from the bar, where I headed as soon as I got here.
Enough for tonight. I am still on East Coast time and have to get up early tomorrow with a busy day ahead.

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