Friday, September 25, 2009

the museum project

Several months ago, the Newark Museum celebrated its 100th anniversary. Someone had the brilliant idea that they should commemorate it with 100 squares of cloth strung together in a quilt-like hanging. The museum dedicated one day to the squares, inviting artists and people from the community to come to the museum and print a canvas square. Judy Langille somehow ended up sort of in charge and of course, the locals from the crit group were there to participate. We were there again today, laying out 100 squares and trying to make sense of them so they would be aesthetically pleasing. There was a lot of kids' art, which did not make it easy to intergrate with the less raucous pieces. Here's our first pass on the floor this morning. Argh.
Here is Lisa, fastening one row together this afternoon
And Rachel, contemplating.Here are some of the actual artists' pieces that I liked.
The project not finished but I can't go the next time they are working on it. Tomorrow, more working at home. I have given up trying to quilt late at night so I have my work cut out for me in the next few days.


Eva said...

I think most of the slightly messy look comes from different angles and gaps. When the pieces will be connected and have straight outlines, it will look much better. And some of these prints are really gorgeous.

Debra said...

that kind of project would test a saint's patience. . . .