Tuesday, September 08, 2009

it's coming along

Oops -- must have been so tired last night I saved instead of published this. Not that you missed anything, but I wrote it so here it is, FWIW. Batteries in camera are now charged. No pictures tonight because my camera batteries died while Marty and I were at the park this afternoon. We spent about 1-1/2 hours strolling around the lake, watching the paddle boats, avoiding the kiddies on those scooter things, and generally having a peaceful, pleasant time. Tonight I put thread loops on the two pieces of art cloth that have been juried into an Art Cloth Network exhibit in Houston. Thread loops?? I spent a few days trying to figure out what these were and finally googled "thread loops." I don't sew, so I had no clue. But I know how to crochet, so I was able to make the loops once I understood what they were. It took me hours to make 4 loops and sew them to the back of the cloth but now I'm done. After I finished, I went back to work on the blue piece on the wall and am ready to be finished with it. I just have one more decision to make. Oh, deer was back in the yard tonight - this time by herself and just standing there, staring right back at me while I spoke to her. She didn't have anything interesting to say, however. I gave up and went back into the house. Tomorrow, my friend Aleeda is coming to visit my studio and she'll stay a while to play. It's 1:am - past time to go up.

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Eva said...

You don't sew?? How do you make your quilts though?

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