Friday, September 04, 2009

early bird special

The parking rate behind Penn Station in Newark was the bargain of the day. I left the house at 7:30 and at 7:55 pulled into the $20/day parking lot to discover that if you're in by 8:am out by 8:pm it's $6.69 (which translates to $8). It was so beautiful in NY today that I walked from 34th st to 42nd & Lex before I took the subway. Here is the view from the platform. I would probably have walked further but thought I needed to get where I was going sooner rather than later.When I got to the corner of 42nd & Lex, this building stopped me in my tracks!
It's a Jane Sassaman building!!! I have just sent her this picture.
I spent the day with my daughter Jessica - both of us, this afternoon, feet up on her couch in Brooklyn. She insisted that since I had never seen either Top Chef or ( ok - I admit it ) Project Runway -- I had to at least watch them this once (she had taped them). I have to admit, although I am not a tv watcher, that I can see how engaging they can be and I especially enjoyed Project Runway. This does not mean I will ever see it again but it was fun while it lasted.
When I left, I took the subway to Union Square so I could walk to the PATH train. Instead of the greenmarket there was a fair in the park and I was sorely tempted to wander around instead of going home right away. Nonetheless, I needed to get my car out of the lot before 8, didn't I? So I took just a few pictures.Isn't this a beautiful display??? These guys were knitting their wares. I didn't see a hat quite like the one he was wearing, however.
As I walked west on 14th St: art. I have no idea what it is, but I had to take it.
As I read these signs I wondered whether each shoe was $5 or whether they were $ 5 a pair. What do you think?
Finally, back in Newark, I took a picture of this bridge that stands across the street from the train station. I keep taking pictures of it - but I think this one is from a different angle than the usual shot.Turning in really early tonight in the hopes I will get enough sleep to be intelligable tomorrow.


Karoda said...

I love the kind of day you've described...and I've only seen a few episodes some seasons ago of PR and don't think I've ever heard of the other show.

Eva said...

$5 for one shoe... haha, Rayna!
Again it was great to be taken on a trip to NY. Obviously the most exiting city on the globe. Love the Sassaman house facade!


A beautiful building

Carolyn ♥

Nina-Marie said...

Rayna thanks for the walking tour! Cities are full of so much inspiration I could see how you could click click click all day long.

Anonymous said...

I'll be landing at LGA on Wednesday afternoon for a few days with my daughter. Can't wait, both to see her and my second city/home. Anything I need to see? I'm planning to finally see The Dinner Party.
Looking forward to taking class with you here in November.

Anonymous said...

The graphics of the building is astonishing, I love it! Thank you for sharing your finds with us.

Judy said...

Love the Jane Sassaman building and the Obama tees! Great colors on the latter and wonderful detail on the former!


Approachable Art said...

I love coming here and spending 30 minutes browsing, reading and drinking my coffee. Thanks so much for the time I know it takes to post such wonderful photos and compose your thoughts for us to share.

Franchi R said...

Rayna, What great times you have taking pictures.
They are almost as interesting as your art pieces!
Which I love.

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