Friday, September 11, 2009

rain, rain, go away

November is here and it's only September. The air is in the 60's and as I sit here near the open window I can hear the drumming of the drops on the roof of my car. It rained all day - a good day to stay in bed. But I was up and in the studio, setting up for my soy wax class tomorrow. It took me most of the day, since I had to rearrange the tables to be near the outlets and to do that, I had to move stuff that was already there. Ah, well - since I didn't walk this morning because of the rain, pushing tables around was my exercise for the day. Here is my 4x8 piece of Celotex on 3 sawhorses. It's a tabletop that I can pin right into and it is light enough to dismantle if I need to.(in theory) This view is looking toward my "gallery" wall from my roommate's side of the studio. I'll do my demo work here and two people will work on the other side of the table.This view is of the back wall (see the press and the Thermofax, left rear). I've pushed two tables together and four people can work here and share the large electric skillet. Before I left, I hung a bunch of my own batiks on the wall so the class could see what the possibilities are. Then I'll take them down and we'll use the design wall as a clothesline. There is plastic on the carpet where it meets the wall. Dyes are mixed, there is plenty of soda ash water, and all I have to do is pick up the donuts (aren't I nice?) and make a pot of coffee when I get there. My blue piece is almost finished - except for the edges -- but there are two in line ahead of it to be stitched.


Eva said...

A prepared studio and inspiring examples: My fingers would itch at the moment I enter.

Debra said...

I wish I was there today!

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