Thursday, September 03, 2009

ho hum

I spent the afternoon in the studio working on something I hadn't planned to do, but I pretty much got the place ready for Saturday's Thermofax workshop. Since I won't be around tomorrow, I had to make a list of things I need to bring on Sat. But I think I left the list there, which is par for the course. Well, I'll remember the coffee and donuts and nothing else is that important.

For the last several days, whenever I have a spare minute, I have been doing mindless sewing - strips. No idea what I will do with these or if I ever will do anything with them, but here, for your entertainment, are a few samples -- only one of which I like. In the meantime, I am quilting Urban Storefront and am almost done with it. Now I have to finish this blue thing on my wall but I keep looking at it and moving things around.When I took a picture of it I could see that my eye went directly to the the blue rectangle in the middle. Bleh.
So I moved it to the upper left and the piece flows better for me. But the blue rectangle is still bothering me . And really, all my attention goes to the upper right which is the strongest part of this piece (and the only section I have sewn together. Surprsingly, it works better for me upside down -- and now I see that I need another arch element in the corner where the blue is. Also, I think this wants to be larger but I don't feel like making it larger. So it will stay there till Sunday or Monday when I might have time to play around with it. But I have to fish or cut bait -- there are too many other things I have in my head and I want to be done with this. An unusual feeling.

Need to get up and out the door before 8: am so I can get to the Upper East Side by 10:00-10:30 and play mommy to my youngest tomorrow. It will be a long day, but one I look forward to.


Eva said...

Guess I have to follow your musings on composition for quite a long time to understand your principles. And I'm sure it will be worth while. Until then, I'm not going to comment on composition!

Eva said...

...and: wish I could be in this workshop! But until I will, I wish you lots of great results and FUN!

queenopearls said...

Have a great time in the workshop. I, too, wish I could be there!
Interesting words "fish or cut bait" for the blue piece because it reminds me of a boardwalk or pier.

Judy said...

Yup, there are parts of that piece that remind me of the seashore....the top looks like the beach and the dunes. But then I also see bridges. I was immediately reminded of the Golden Gate when I took my first glance at the piece.
I too would love to be in your workshop!


Debra said...

definitely see water and bridges so maybe you could move the composition that direction (or at least the title) and then the large blue expanses will have purpose.

Gerrie said...

I didn't realize that that Jessica is your daughter. I shouldn't be surprised as she certainly has your sense of humor.

I just love watching your design process unfold.

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