Saturday, September 19, 2009

a perfect September day or two

Last night, dinner at Hilary's to usher in the New Year. My camera was acting up but here are a few shots.
Below, Jake, who is in kindergarten, showing off his two loose teeth. Hil had given him an apple to expedite the process but I don't think he got to it last night. In any case, it seemed preferable to the doorknob routine.
Everything was too good and I ate back two of the five pounds I'd lost. I won't even contemplate what tonight's fab dinner out with Jess and Tommy added! Since Jessica isn't traveling any more than absolutely necessary, she and Tommy weren't at Hilary's last night. So Marty and I took the PATH and the subway to Brooklyn to see them today. I really didn't want to drive and was later happy that we hadn't because Jessica told us it was the San Gennaro Festival and we would have been stuck on Canal St. for hours. We walked from the PATH to Union Square. Didn't see the $5 shoes but found these. No, he wasn't selling balloons -- just decorating his bike! Union Sq. Park was mobbed so we took the Q train and headed to Bklyn.More tomorrow. It has been a long day. Lovely and pleasant, but long.


Eva said...

Happy New Year, Rayna!

Dianne Hricko said...

Hi Rayna... I love to travel through NYC with you! Happy New Year

Judy said...

Great pic of you and your Mom! She looks terrific! Jake is a cutey, and I hope those two loose teeth come out soon!


Beverly said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing all the photos, I especially like the personalized tours of New York you give us from time to time.

Debra said...

Funny that kids are still taunted with the doorknob trick!

Happy Rosh Hashanah to you!

Deb H said...

Thanks for the nice walk. It was lovely!