Saturday, April 10, 2010

Off to Quebec City

Yesterday's exhibit, which was a fund raiser for the Centre des Textiles Contemporain, featured 20 cm x 20 cm pieces for a silent auction.  The pieces were small and there were so many of them that I couldn't take pictures.  But here are a couple of felt pieces that I thought were quite cool.
These were the first pieces near the door, as we came into the gallery.
In the afternoon, after a delightful lunch with some Montreal quilters I had met on line, I came back to Pam's house and puttered around for the afternoon in her studio. Ahhhh...

This morning, off to Quebec and won't be back till tomorrow. I do not know whether we will be staying in a place with Internet access or not, so I probably won't post for another day or so.


elle said...

Wow, Rayna! Much longer and you'll have to take out citizenship! LOL

Barbara said...

Love the felt pieces. Gorgeous colors. I had some fun learning how to do felting a few years back.