Wednesday, April 07, 2010

more Ottawa

Backtracking a bit - Ottawa has a charming area called Byward Market. While lots of galleries and shops were closed on Easter Sunday, much of the market was open and we walked through the stalls admiring the goods.
The neighborhood is loaded with charm and wonderful restaurants.

We headed for the one just above for lunch and since it was a gorgeous day the young man suggested we eat outdoors and pointed the way to the back door. The tables outside the door we had come through were empty, in the shade, and  there was no server around. However, we headed for the sunny tables surrounded by a cast iron fence and sat down.

A waitress materialized, handed us the rather pricey brunch menu, and we ordered. Only when we saw her vanish into the back door of the adjacent posh restaurant did we realize we were not where we thought we were. 

I asked for bread or crackers while we waited and had our drinks: she announced that there wasn't any unless we wanted the bread leftover from yesterday. Bread would not be delivered till 3:00 (it was 2:00). What an appetizing thought -- especially since the other two had ordered sandwiches. 

She had brought us each one cocktail napkin and when the food finally arrived I asked whether she had larger napkins.
The answer was no.  "NO?  Are we each supposed to eat with one used cocktail napkin? "  Blank stare. "Well, can we have MORE cocktail napkins?," I asked.  She grudgingly brought us each two more.
The food was nevertheless, delicious and the sandwiches were on cranberry bread which she denied were leftovers.
 Afterwards, we headed over to the National Gallery.

 The place is an architectural joy.
  And the art was pure pleasure for me, since we don't see any Canadian art in the U.S.  I discovered the Group of Seven, along with a plethora of other wonderful Canadian artists.  No pictures allowed.  However, this exhibit was ok to shoot and I tood these with my iPhone.

There were many more but these were my favorites - mixed media.  What a delightful day I had!


Del said...

Great to know that you are having a good time. I can see why those children's drawings would appeal to you - very bright and 'out of the box'. Take care of yourself. Del

Eva said...

A hun like me would have walked out at the moment of finding out she's in the wrong restaurant! -- The children's art is gorgeous. Sophia's interpretation of saturnalia is amazing. A new Picasso?
-- my name on rice? -- hey, I'm not a stock market dealer.

Barbara said...

Looks like a great place to practice your French. Sounds like you are having a great time!

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