Wednesday, April 21, 2010

feeling better

Didn't know I was sick, did 'ya?  Actually, didn't feel well all week -- too tired to blog or comment on others' blogs. Infection traced to fractured tooth, now gone. Today, feeling back to myself: amazing!

Today, Rachel Cochran and I finally went here to see the exhibit Art Quilts: Contemporary Expressions From the Collection of John M. Walsh III.
But first we stopped at the train station to pick up (l-r) Benedicte Caneill, Shirley Levine, Melly Testa, and Patricia Gaignat.  Here they are, all squeezed cozily into my back seat.

The museum was busy today: thundering hordes of marauding schoolchildren and a pretty substantial group of grownups who had come to see the exhibit.  Lo and behold, who else should we run into but friends Natalya Aikens and Vivien Zeph!  What fun - and what a coincidence.  I wished Benedicte felicitations on winning the SAQA Cream award for her quilt in Elements (another exhibit on Rachel's and my "to see" list).

We had gotten about halfway through the exhibit when I heard Jack Walsh's voice. I thought it was an audio tour and when I turned around, to my delight and surprise, there was Jack in person, giving a tour to a group of women his cousin had brought to see the exhibit.  Below, he is talking about Joan Lintault's Bee quilt.

After giving Rachel and me warm hugs and greetings, he invited all of us to join his "tour."  Although we had seen some of the quilts at his home several years ago, there were new ones in this exhibit we had not heard the back stories about.  Here, he is giving us the background to the piece he commissioned Valerie Goodwin to make for him.  It is a triptych she blogged about while she was working on it. Fabulous!
He clearly loves every one of his quilts and he enjoyed talking to a rapt audience about the details in the quilt Susan Shie made for him recently.  Sorry the picture is fuzzy.
All in all, a wonderful day with people we enjoyed -- and it was a feast for both eyes and spirit.  Rachel and I decided we need to do something like this for ourselves once a month.  Remind me.


Gerrie said...

Ohhh! I wsh I had been squeezed into your back seat!!

Eva said...

Good to hear you are okay again.
How lucky these ladies are to be taking part in such an event!

Del said...

Gosh, I'm glad they discovered why you weren't feeling well. Hard to lose a tooth, but these days they can be replaced. $$$$
I am several shades of green that you not only saw the exhibit but ran into Jack Walsh himself. I have met him a couple times and would love to see his collection "in-the-fabric". What a great support he is to art quilters everywhere - even those who haven't yet made it into his collection. Love, Del

Natalya Aikens said...

so fun running into you! wish i had stuck around long enough to meet Jack too....

Libby Fife said...

Looks like a great show so thanks for the pictures.

Glad the tooth is out too-offending little buggers that they are! A bad one can cause a real problem.

kathy said...

You are just having WAY too much fun, Rayna!

quiltwoman said...


Enjoyed your post....sure wish I could have been part of your road trip!

Would you mind if I grabbed the pic of Jack in front of my work?


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