Thursday, October 20, 2011

my woods are turning

Yesterday was drizzly and grey, but even in the rain, my woods sang with a small burst of color.  Despite what follows this season, autumn has always been for me, a joyful time of beginnings.
Every year I take pictures of my woods in season as they cycle. And while they may not look that different, for me they are always new.  This season is crisp, pungent, exuberant, and ripe with possibilities: a time to celebrate life.  Especially this year.
Last night I unpacked the fabrics and how-to's and bits I created for the book and sorted through them, since they are all pieces I can incorporate into new work.  I've been dying to get them back.
So, in the spirit of beginnings, I am off to the studio with these bits this afternoon to see what I can do with these new possibilities!


Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Not sure if I actually posted. But I am sure it is a treat to have these old friends back with you to trigger some new work.

Lisa Kerpoe said...

what a treat to open that package of fabrics! Have fun with the possibilities!

Janelle said...

Your woods look pretty to me. We have had some great color in Michigan this year. Have fun creating with your bits.

AffaStudio said...

Ahhh, new beginnings. And let us also be thankful for happy continuities.

Eva said...

Yes I love fall for the colors. And there is more light between the trees -- an excuse for shorter days, maybe.