Tuesday, October 04, 2011

posting 1-2-3

Although I was in New York on Sunday, I was too distracted to take a lot of pictures.

There was an art book fair at MOMA's P.S.1 in Long Island City and I went with a friend to see what was what.  It was the first time I had been to P.S.1, which is an old school turned into a museum of contemporary art. It still looks like a school inside, corridors, classrooms of all sizes, and those old staircases some of us remember. The staircase walls were galleries and this one was adorned with William Kentridge's figures.

Books on paper on their way out? No way, judging by the hundreds of independent art publishers and thousands of books being sold at the fair. Many were being sold at great discounts because it was the last day of the fair, and the offerings ranged from out-of-print to just minted; from limited editions or handmade books to glossy photgraphy books.  It was so exciting!  And there were zillions of people there -- mostly young and hip -- but also quite a few people OUR age (whatever that means), all passionate about art books.  You couldn't move -- the place was mobbed!

I came out and sat down for a breath of fresh air: I'm there, somewhere. But it was so noisy from the band that I soon fled indoors to the café.

See what I mean about young and hip? I especially liked the guy in the pink wig.

Backtracking a bit - when I got to the Port Authority, I noticed that the iconic George Segal commuters had acquired another traveler at the end of the line.  Performance art?

Once in Long Island City, I spotted this place on the walk to P.S.1 from the subway. Can you tell this is an arts district??

On the way out back to the subway, I spotted another piece of guerilla art that reminded me of the kinds of whimsical work I saw on Governer's Island. what fun!

And then, back in Manhattan, coming up from the subway.  Always a visual surprise!

More on other topics tomorrow.


Eva said...

I love the way art floats into life and back, in the places you're showing. We have that cleanly separated because people over here don't have the witz to tell one from another, they like unmistakably tagged.

quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

HI Rayna, we will have to meet up some day:)

buy essay online said...

Amazing! Thanks a lot.

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