Monday, October 17, 2011

it's been a tough week

Meetings, meetings, meetings - dawn to dusk.  Even at meals.  We have been working nonstop, dealing with business and professional issues and resolving open items from last year's meeting.
 Leslie Jenison and Susan Ettl on the roof deck during a short break.
                                       Maggie Weiss, cooling off her feet between meetings.
We broke up the business parts with gallery sessions in which we got a chance to see examples of art cloth everyone had done during the year.   For me, that meant scarves.  For others, larger, wonderful pieces.  Here are just a few.

Downtown St. Pete is a pretty place.  The trees in the park were lit up at night, the weather was balmy and pretty much perfect.  Lots of restaurants, cafes, music outside, and young people spilling onto the sidewalks at night.  

I was sorry that the business meetings and planned events did not leave me any time to return phone calls, answer emails, or see my friends who live in the area, but if I get back there to teach again it will be different.  I am back on the right coast of Fla today and will be home tonight.  My advance copy of the new book should be there to greet me.  Next blog post will be from my own computer.


Gerrie said...

Oh, wow! Such beautiful art cloth. I wish I could fit this into my life, but the meetings always come at a time that I can't make.

Judy said...

Fabulous art cloth. I love show and tell.
I am recovering from a total knee replacement and am unable to create anything for the time being.
Your pictures give me inspiration for when I can get back into my studio.

web promo said...

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Russ Little said...

Ok, we all look just a little crazy standing cooling our feet in the pool, but it was nice. Great to see you. Looking forward to continuing the conversation next month.

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