Friday, November 02, 2012

pretty much packed

And whatever I've forgotten - hey! We had a hurricane!  50% of our town is still without power and the gas lines (if you can find a station with gas or power) are 5 hours long.  The stations in town have a mandatory closing from 6:pm to 6:am for safety reasons, since the lines are miles long and many of the traffic lights are still not functioning.

I feel incredibly lucky.  I just hope my airport driver has enough gas to get me to the airport tomorrow morning!

Will post from Tahoe (or maybe en route).


tutto a posto said...

I live in NE Philly and am one of the few houses that is still without power from Monday night due to equipment failure. They are talking about restoration on 11/5 in the a.m. It is so depressing to leave the house as it is just getting light out and then come home to a dark house. I actually broke down today when I found out that we would not be restored until Monday after having been promised late tonight.

I had started using your book, which I have had for sometime, after getting re-motivated by your DVD. It is a lot of fun and I have started a quilt with scraps from the small stash I have and some men's clothing. The quilt will be for a one year-old boy--my husband's godson. I was really getting into it until I lost the ability to use the sewing machine.

Anyway, have a great trip and see if you can fit another class in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area sometime soon. My friend and I would love to take one with you.

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Have a great trip Rayna... I will keep my fingers crossed that your driver is fully gassed up.

Connie Rose said...

Have a safe, wonderful trip. Glad you're able to get away for a while. Wish I could be in Tahoe with you. xo

Karen said...

I'm just glad you are safe and sound!

tiedyejudy said...

Have a safe trip,a wonderful class, and have a Happy Birthday, too! I am praying every night for all who have been impacted by the storm... we're seeing progress in the news reports, but I'm sure it can't come too soon!

Del said...

Wish I were there - in Tahoe! Enjoy and have fun. Del

cindysblog said...

If you realize you've forgotten something, let me know. I'm driving to Tahoe from the Bay area tomorrow so could get it for you.

I'm taking Jane's class and I'm looking forward to seeing what your class does too!