Tuesday, November 27, 2012


What a busy couple of weeks -- a big blur, except for the weekends.  Thanksgiving morning, Jessica, Emma, and I went over to visit my mother -- you can see what a joy it was for her. Emma lights her up like nobody else can. 
 Thanksgiving was also Ben's 12th birthday so we all went to Hilary's for dinner.  Here is Ben, lighting his candles.
 My birthday happened while I was away, so I got my birthday gift from my kids that day, also. Therein lies a tale...
A month or two ago I bought an iPad1 on ebay and have enjoyed using it on my kitchen island for recipes and to check my mail. Period.  My children, having decided that they were going to surprise me with a new iPad for my birthday, were very disappointed that I had thrown a monkey wrench into their plans. BUT after realizing that i should not have bought the ipad1, I let them know that they could go ahead and give me a new one because I really wanted the camera and would be delighted with their gift.  The old one can stay in the kitchen (and Emma can play games and watch videos) and the new one can travel with me. 

So on Black Friday, down to the Apple store! I got the newest one with retina display and have been spending the past week playing, downloading apps so I can actually do work on the thing, and trying to find my way around this not-quite computer.  The camera is fabulous but I can't figure out how to upload photos from it if I blog on my iPad. ARGH. Do I need to install iPhoto?  And I need a case or a smart cover (which??) and Jessica says I need a wireless keyboard. blah blah blah.

That's where I have been -- except for the weekend.  Had a visit from my Gillman kids and had a great time playing Pictionary with them -- always a favorite with Kayla and Alexander.  And the grownups love it, too:-).
I spent yesterday in the studio, printing scarves. This morning I was scheduled to give a lecture at a guild an hour and a half away -- but instead, SNOW and we rescheduled for February.  I have been listening to the plows outside and have not even been out to the mailbox.

There is something decadent about a Snow Day.  I changed into my work clothes after I got the cancellation call and decided I would dye scarves and sew.  Uh huh.  The next thing I knew, I spent an hour scrubbing the gunk and rust off of the toaster oven.  What was I thinking??

Fortunately, with uncanny foresight I had brought home my undyed scarves.  The snow day gave me a chance to dye another dozen scarves. I need to print like crazy over the next few days because on Saturday I am vending at a holiday craft market.  I lost 2 weeks in the studio to no power and i just hope I will have enough scarves for a whole day's market.  The ones in the front still have to be printed.  It is so labor-intensive; I must be crazy.
While these were in the washing machine, I made the mistake of looking UP.  The shelves above the washer and dryer were so gross and overloaded that I spent another hour cleaning, rearranging, sorting, and throwing out items that were so old I couldn't tell what they had once been. More snow day activity.  

While I was at it, I discovered a stash of magazines from thirty years ago.  Do you want them?  There are even more of these in with my cookbooks and I suspect they are loaded with wonderful and
delicious recipes.  It was my favorite cooking magazine in those days.  See the dates? See the cover prices? omg-- collectors' items. Am I ever going to cook like that again? Sigh...

So that was it for the past couple of weeks. I never did get to the sewing today, but maybe tomorrow night. For now, bed.


Tiggy Rawling said...

Oh, a new iPad, enjoy. I use the Blogsy app to post, it works, especially if you have wifi built in. I don't! Perhaps I need an upgrade?!!

Gale, pursuing as much as I can as fast as I can! said...

I blog from my iPad using the ipad version of Blogger. Just check the app store. (It's free) You will be able to upload photos taken on your iPad without needing any other apps (via iPad blogger). If you have an iphone, you might want to do the cloud thing to automatically sync your photos between the phone and the ipad (you don't have to sync to your computer if you don't want to). (And you don't have to sync anything you DON'T want to auto-sync). I love technology! Good Luck.

HollyM said...

I post from my IPad 2 using a free App called Blogger+ which I find really easy.

tiedyejudy said...

Welcome back! You were missed! I don't know a think about i-anything... still using my old-fashioned PC, but slowly thinking about what to eventually replace it with. Meanwhile, I have been delving back into your book and experimenting with stamping on silk and cotton, and having a great time! Did I tell you I am writing a review of your book for 'and then we set it on fire'? It will be published there 12/4, and your publisher will be giving away a free copy to a commenter whose name will be drawn a week later! I never get tired of reading through my copy... thanks for all your inspiration!

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

What joy for your mom to spend time with Emma. They both look glowingly happy! And a new ipad for you. Happy Birthday.

Like you I am wildly busy with scarves. 3 different events. I can't wait for my life to settle back down. But my excitement has been to be working on wool. One of these days I will blog about it. So glad you got to do that. Reading your blog is my breakfast pleasure.

Hope you sale goes well.

Marianne said...

Ça fait du bien de passer du temps avec sa famille et que c'est beau de voir votre maman s'illuminer en présence de Emma

Cathy Bargar said...

Beautiful family! It was lovely to see your mom and Emma - those "oldest and youngest" moments always give me such a special little deep buzz.
I have an ipad 2 - it has almost replaced my laptop, EXCEPT for anything involving uploading photos. Didn't realize there were apps for blogging - good to know. It won't do anything involving Adobe Flash, which turns out to be a lot of things. The only thing I get really hacked off about is that I am not able to use it to upload photos to my etsy shop. Oy! My photo management is in such disarray - some here, some there, I seem unable to get them all where I want them....but the ipad holds a lot of them! (currently 2,803 - after I deleted a bunch that I moved to the cloud, whatever that might be)

Gerrie said...

I have a gizmo that allows me to upload photos to the iPad from my camera via usb cord. You can get it at the apple store. I think it also has a card reader, which I don't use. I have several photo apps, including IPhoto.

Those scarves are gorgeous. I still love, love the one I bought from you last year.

Linda Hicks said...

Great to have you back and to see your mother who looks my age. My boys say we light up seeing the grands. Glad we have hints they are returning to Boston from NJ. I will be limping along w old iPad. I think you finessed that new one beautifully. Back to making those gifts, and I am glad you are well again.

saffronchica said...

Glad to hear your life is back to "normal." I love the Zagg Folio cover/keyboard with my iPad. It doubles the weight and thickness, but is worth it, IMHO. I talked to someone with a separate keyboard, can't remember the brand; she said she always feared dropping the iPad when moving around with it placed on the keyboard.. Just my 2¢.

Eva said...

So curious for the results of your printing -- just in case you'll have the time to take pictures. And your Mom and Emma look marvellous. How did your old lady get along with the days of emergency?

Judy said...

HA: you are so very funny!!!! You write just like you talk, which is hilarious and has always cracked me up!

Emma is so adorable! Charlie is chomping at the bit for a date!

After much deliberation, I gave Craig the new iPad for our anniversary - and I got his old one. I didn't think I needed one, but I do love even his old one. I don't want to even look at the new one I bought him, for fear I will lust after it! The kids got him a keyboard, and he swears by it. Let me know if you figure out how to do good blog posts from yours. That is what bothers me. But I do love reading the New Yorker on mine....great bedtime reading.

I'm camping out at our condo - awaiting the arrival of grandbaby number two - due in 9 days, but since Charlie was three weeks early, I figured I'd be ready when it is!


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