Monday, November 12, 2012

home again

The view of the lake on Friday morning before we caught the shuttle to the airport.
The driver stopped twice on the way down the mountain road -- once to put chains on the van and once to take them off, when we reached the highway. I breathed a sigh of relief!

I think this was the most fun I can remember having at a quilt retreat in many moons.  The students were delightful, as was the AQT staff. I was really happy to reunite with some of the teachers I've taught with previously and we had a good time catching up.  Here are Sue Benner and Susan Shie, posing for a picture as they  were ready to leave. 
I am delighted to have sold some quilts while I was there, but now I have to get busy and replace them with new work (although they were pretty new!) because I have a solo show next year and the space is pretty big. ARGH.

Today, back to work - dealing with supply lists next July, signing contracts for other places (I will be updating my schedule as they are finalized) and worrying about the bills that did not come while I was away.  Apparently, all the mail depots in this area were damaged/flooded and a lot of mail was lost.  The banks are emailing their customers to say they will not charge late fees (big of them!) because of the hurricane. Cheesh!

For any of you in the Southwest - I have one spot available in my class at Quilting in the Desert in Scottsdale, Jan 20-26.  And I have 3 spots left at Quilting-Adventures in New Braunfels, TX March 10-15. Check out Quilting Adventures -- Cinderella Quilts -- bring your unfinished quilt tops and design/create fabulous new work you'll never recognize as the old work.

That's it for today - my coffee break is over:-(.


Del said...

Happy to know that you are safely home. Sorry you have to deal with the residue of Sandy and Sandy +1. Be safe. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Cheryl said...

I am so happy you had a wonderful time. Hopefully it will fortify you to get thru the Sandy mess. Keep those contracts coming!

Nina Marie said...

congrats on selling the two quilts!! can't wait to see what you replace them with.

Eva said...

Looks like Lake Tahoe wasn't all that inviting in the end, maybe for an easier goodbye. Congrats to your sales, and isn't it nice to use the feeling of a gap for your new work to replace those which are gone? Wish you big inspiration!

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