Friday, November 09, 2012

time warp

I know I will be in one when I get home in the wee hours of Friday night.  It snowed in Tahoe today and  many people who were driving and had to go over the passes, left early.  We should be ok getting out of here tomorrow, but we are gearing for a long day.

The class was fab but I am too tired to post more than a few pictures before I turn in.

Karmen left early today because of the snow and unfortunately, grabbed her stuff off the wall before I could photograph it in all its glory.
Mary Beth's barn in process - a complete departure for her and it turned out great. She, too, left early but promised to send me a picture of the finished piece.
 Pamela's piece also in process -- she had not worked this way before.  When she was almost done, she realized that the lake, the grass, and the cabins at Zephyr Point had all influenced her without even being conscious of it.  I can't wait to see it when it is done.
 Susan worked on blocks all week but today, something kicked in and she began to make these wonderful units. She plans to cut them up when she gets home and do something with them.

 Suzi learned a lot, including that she should slash this thing that has been lying around for years and recreate it.  How freeing!

During the afternoon walkaround I ran into Els van Baarle and while we were catching up on our personal lives, somebody snapped a picture.  It was sooo good to see her.

That's all, folks,  I hope there won't be any drama tomorrow with our departure.  The power in my studio was finally restored today, so hopefully I will be back at work on Monday.  Safe weekend, everybody!


Nina Marie said...

gosh - it looks pretty there and so glad you share everyone's work - I especially love Pamela's since its my favorite colors and there is something really pleasing about the horizontal strips!

tiedyejudy said...

Wishing you a safe and uneventful trip home, and can't wait to see more pix!

Eva said...

Guess you are on the way already, as I'm commenting. Wish you a lovely trip and a good return home, hoping that not too much frustration is waiting for you. And your students' work is inspired -- as always!

Judy said...

Safe travels to you Rayna!
I love your photos of your students' works - all very different from one another, yet they follow your path!
Tahoe is such a lovely area - I know you must have had fun!


TheaM said...

wow, Rayna, your class results are stunning! looking forward to having a class with you someday!

ps - I'm not worried about the snow around Tahoe - it's a ski resort, after all, so they know a thing or two about snow!

Beverly said...

Have a safe journey home, Rayna- thanks for sharing all that great student work!

Meg Fowler said...

Wonderful, imaginative work from your students! What great fun it would be to take a class from you!!!

Cindy Cooksey said...

Love looking at the photos from the workshop - what fun. I miss Tahoe - our son went to college in Incline Village (Sierra Nevada College) so we've been through Tahoe snow storms up there ourselves.

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