Wednesday, November 14, 2012

sniffle sniffle cough

So many of us went home from Tahoe with colds that there must have been something in that mountain air.  Since Monday - miso soup, green tea, mushroom barley soup, green tea, and all the things you take when you have a sore throat, stuffy nose, and cough.  So far, I have not left the house further than the mailbox.  Tomorrow, I have to leave because I am running out of coffee!

Today I was feeling better and spent the better part of it in my sunny sewing room, taking care of business in the morning and sewing in the afternoon. Ahhhhhhh. Sewed the facings on my green quilt and did some work on my other abstract piece, which is ready to layer with batting and back.

THEN - chore of chores - updating my database of quilts with name, date, size, price, and all the other salient details.  Overwhelming - I am really a sloppy record-keeper. Then, of course, I have to add some of that info to my website gallery, make labels for the unlabeled/sleeves for the sleeveless...

It seems to be an endless chore but at least i will know what I have.  Maybe.

I'm finally getting back on east coast time - I seem to be eating at odd hours and not being able to fall asleep at normal times. It is almost midnight, so maybe tonight it will be easier to fall asleep.  Before I do, I want to show you a picture that was in the Houston booklet/catalog/or whatever they call it.  This was a group quilt I participated in about two years ago the first and last time I will do this.  In any event, it was juried into "In Full Bloom" this year in Houston and it's the poster child for the exhibit.

It shouldn't be too difficult to figure out which segment is mine.


Connie Rose said...

Hope you're well again soon. Take good care of yourself! Sending love and virtual matzo ball soup. xox

Del said...

Upper right corner? Sorry about the cold, hope it is gone soon.

HollyM said...

You're doing the right things for your cold, hope your better! I am terrible about keeping records too. I have pictures but they're all over the place. It seems daunting to try to organize it.
Yours must be the strips in the top left? Nice piece.

tiedyejudy said...

I say upper left corner, and I do hope you are feeling better! Probably the airplane air did it, not the mountain air! As for record keeping, I'm kind of a fanatic about that... makes life so much easier to do it as you finish a piece, but it's a habit that needs to be established. Be well, and hope you get caught up soon!

Heidi said...

I'd say the first segment from the left.
Are there 4 or 8 parts ? for me it looks like 4 parts :-)

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Feel better Rayna... and yes your strips of stripes were evident. To me it is a good thing that each artist has their own distinctive voice.

patty a. said...

Feel better soon! I participated in a group project one time and I don't think I will ever do it again either. Too much pressure! The piece was accepted to the Houston quilt show and I thought my section was awful!

Sandy said...

Ha Ha, before I got to where you said to guess, I thought, now which is Rayna's. Oh yes.
And so everyone else knew as well.
Get better! order coffee online.
Sandy in the UK

Judy said...

I found your segment easily!
Hope you're feeling better soon!


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