Friday, August 19, 2016

I can tell it is late

  There is stil I am sitting with my laptop on my - yep - lap, trolling around Facebook and erasing a few of the 968 emails clogging up my inbox.  Yes, I am a hoarder - and this includes emails.

Today I pretty much finished a small piece that I have been working on for weeks. Made a cup of coffee and decided I wasn't going to bed until I had put it together.

I decided, after moving pieces around and taking a million photos, that I needed to call it DONE.  It's the one I posted in process a few posts ago, where I used a bunch of stripes from my grandmother's scraps.   It will do. Maybe I'll be happier with it when I have stitched it.  But that's not on for tonight.  Good enough for government work.

I did some work on it this morning and then went to visit my grandson Jake, who broke his arm, pitching in Cooperstown. He put on his sad face for the camera. 
 David came home from football practice, looking pretty happy.
I was delighted that my son Jeremy was home and that I got to visit with him -- as well as with Anne Marie. He had taken the week off and was working at home.  I needed to leave around 5:00 to get to my MQG meeting at 7:00, and I was glad that David got home before I left.  Between their schedules and mine, it has been months!

That was pretty much my day - the high point was seeing my kids and grands.  Off to bed now, so I can be awake enough to quilt tomorrow.  I have several sitting and waiting -- my least favorite part of the process.


Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Handsome grandsons! And I will keep fingers crossed that you like your top better when it is quilted. I think it is an interesting piece, especially knowing about the fabrics you have incorporated into it...

patty a. said...

I really like that quilt. How big is it? It had a nice balance with the three square shapes and with the splashes of yellow. Hope your grandson's arm heals quickly!

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Being inundated with all things Olympic I immediately saw swimming lanes than track, then pole vault. I am intrigued by the ratio of negative space. Lots to look at.

Linda Hicks said...

am enjoying ALL!

Kaja said...

I like your piece and, reading back, love that you are using your grandmother's fabrics. You have handsome grandsons!