Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I've been tagged? Not sure what it means, except that this is supposed to be interesting. I don't think so. The other people in my web ring will yawn when they read my answers -- and so will you. I will answer the following questions and this should take care of my tagging for the rest of my blogging days. I'm no fun. 1. What is the total number of files currently on your computer? No clue 2. What was the last CD you bought? The Claremont Trio playing Mendelssohn trios #1 in d minor, op 49 and #2 in c minor op.66. 3. What was the last song/cd you listened to before receiving this message? I don't listen to songs. 4. List the five songs you listen to most, or the ones that have the most meaning to you. see answer to #3 1. How many programs do you currently have programmed to automaticallyrecord each week? ZERO 2. What was the last DVD you watched? It was so long ago, I don't remember. 3. What did you watch on tv last night? Nothing. I don't watch tv. 4. What are 5 of the most memorable tv moments? See answer to above. 5. Who are the three people you will "tag"? Dijanne Cevaal because I love her work. Cathy Stewart because I know how hard it is to work small. and Liz because her studio is almost as messy as mine.

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