Friday, February 04, 2005

Diary of a Snippet

Why did I think this would be easy? As anybody who works small knows, it is often more difficult to make a piece this size work well than a larger piece. Like writing a short story where every word has to count, it's the same way with a small piece. As I worked for a few hours last night and this morning on what might (or not) be my next Snippet, I snapped digital photos as I went along so I could remember what I had done. It's so much easier to gain perspective and see what works and doesn't when you're looking through a lens. So -- here's what I've got. Let me know what you think. I'm not finished yet.

Here is where I started consult-1 still experimenting consult-2 consult-3 consult-4consult-5


Karoda said...

Hi Rayna, I like the 3rd pic from the top. the horizontal strips at the top and bottom appear to frame the piece and make me see it more.

Anonymous said...

Rayna. I think it is interesting that you think working small is somewhat more challenging than working large! I love the small format and am amazed at would can be packed into a space of any size!
Nice to see you are blogging.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, #3 looks right to me. xxx

Debra said...


OK, so I'm going to state another opinion. I prefer the last picture posted. Though I still don't think it's somehow finished. The "all blue" one was a nice composition, but if felt "flat" somehow.

Anonymous said...

Rayna, I like the fabrics in the first 4 pics, the reference to the written word is great. I think I'd take the gray print that is the bottom layer in pic# 5 and try to work it in around the layout in pic# 4. And maybe rather than the orange print (I like the use of that complementary color) have you tried something a little more "sepia" or clay colored? Just my immediate thoughts when I looked at your work.... which I love, by the way!

A digital camera is a godsend when designing, don't you think? :) Looking forward to seeing your finished work!


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