Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Now, where was I...?

I was in my studio, adding a layer or two to last week's rusted fabrics. Here's what they look like after the've been monoprinted with a gelatine plate and doodled on a bit. I know what they remind me of -- what do they look like to YOU ? cave-wall2 cave-wall The layers on this fabric have been added with a different process.

Now, the question is -- "what am I going to DO with them? I'm sure the answer will present itself eventually. For now, I am hearing the clocks below tick and they are striking midnight. Good night.


Deborah said...

Oh the clocks are wonderful. I love the graphic quality and symbolism of the clock. How did you create that image? It's so interesting to read about your process... as far as fabric goes, I'm a *buy it, cut it, stitch it* girl. All this painting and dying is so not me. (For now, at least. You might be tempting me.)

Liz said...

The middle one reminds me a bit of cave paintings. I like that one the best, I think.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I think i figured out how to do this!
I love your work....what do you usually do with art pieces like this?
The first one reminds me of something broken...Jackie

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