Saturday, February 19, 2005

magical mystery tour

Today -- the GATES!! If you haven't already OD'd on photos, here are a few more from our joyful expedition. It wasn't so much the Gates themselves that were wonderful -- although they were very nice. It was the atmosphere of playfulness they created in NY. If you know NY, you know that people don't look at anybody else, let alone start chatting with random strangers who aren't even talking to them. Not here! Total strangers talked to each other; some woman walking by told my husband to stop whining when he complained that it was cold! Some man commented on my silly statue of liberty hat (see picture below) -- it was wonderful! Thank you Jeanne-Claude & Christo for creating the spirit of spontenaeity and fun we encountered today in the City. xxx Rayna Not brilliant photos, but you get the idea. IMG_0882 IMG_0881 Here am, silly ear-warmer and I don't care. It was COLD!!!! IMG_0878IMG_0876IMG_0877


Karoda said...

If nothing else, the photos and all the talk about "THE GATES" leaves me wanting to be en vogue and do a quilt in orange, excuse me, saffron. ummm, maybe a saffroned Gee's Bend for sharing your Gate experience...your take on the effects of chattering with strangers helps me to warm up to them.

Anonymous said...

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