Wednesday, July 06, 2005

hello again

Before I forget why I started this blog, I thought I'd better post some art. This piece was an afterthought in Fran Skiles' workshop and not at all part of what we were working on all week. It started as the piece of waxed paper on which I was drying some canvas I had painted. I liked it so well that I decided to use it as a base for something. I collaged a piece of someone else's discarded letter I had fished out of the trash can in the room, added some ink and some acrylic paint, glued it to some canvas - and that's it. When we went around the room doing crit at the end, this was one of two that everybody agreed they liked best. go figure. One of the artists in the group -- actually, a book arts person who does fabulous things with paper -- had her head in the garbage can every day and recycled our thrown-away scraps into wonderful pieces. A kindred 'found objects' spirit. Thanks for all your well-wishing messages. As the week winds down, I should have time to come up for air and prepare for the workshops I'm teaching next weekend (16-17) at Friends Fabric Art in Lowell MA. For now, bed.

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