Saturday, July 30, 2005

checking in

So much for puttering in the studio during this past week. I did sit on the shady deck with a view of the woods with my laptop and ice water with lime (I have to use up all those limes we bought at Costco last weekend). Two days of bliss while I worked on a project that has been on the back burner for eons. A working 'vacation' and it felt great. By Thursday I felt well enough to go to Borders, where I bought one of Peter Lovesey's British police procedurals featuring detective Peter Diamond. Put Lovesey on you list of mystery authors to check out. He writes so well and as soon as I finish here, it's back to the book! While I was out, I nipped into Bed, Bath, and Beyond, looking for irons. It was so confusing that I ended up without one. I mean, what is the difference between the $19.99 and the 29.99 iron? Both allegedly have the same features "steam, teflon plate, auto shut off, blah blah blah." Ditto for the $69.99 one. And when I asked the store employee to explain the difference, he read me what it said on the box. DUH. But I did buy this teensy, cute thing that I thought might work as a waxpot for my tjantings.I think it takes too long to melt the wax, however, because it is a SLOW cooker- so I heated it on my electric griddle contraption and transferred it, where it stayed at a steady temp. But it is annoying to have to do this.


While I was at it, I changed the sheets on my printing table. I realized, for the 99th time, that they are probably more interesting than many of the pieces I print on top of them. This is not a good example, but it's what I have at hand. An archeological record, actually. I printed the silk for my daughter's chuppah (wedding canopy) on this one...and I still think that the tree of life looks like the artichoke of life. Oh, well. This time, instead of a cotton/poly sheet, I laid down a piece of PFD cotton to absorb my dyes and paints under the REAL pieces I print. Will I get two for the price of one? Stay tuned.

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Elle said...

That's a really good idea to put a PFD sheet down. I'm sure it'll have all sorts of interesting patterns with use!

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