Saturday, July 23, 2005

studio blues

By now you have seen enough pictures of my studio to know that this is what it looks like after several hours of cleaning up.But I'm making progress. I've decided that if I won last night's megamillion lottery I will buy another condo in this development and use it as a studio. If I didn't't win the lottery, I still intend to hire somebody to come in and deal with my lack of storage. Probably not till November. It's pretty obvious that there is no spot to work here -- but I did manage to play a little bit last week while I was teaching a workshop (so I could share with the class what happens when you just start putting fabrics together intuitively. They brought their own scraps, I bought some of mine, and also some strips of Helene Davis' gorgeous fabrics which I shared in case they needed something else to make the piece work. People fought over them and I had to hide the bag so I would have some left for myself. We did a bit of "where do I go from here?" group crit with each of their work. Groupthink -- really an interesting experience, since none of the 7 people in the workshop belongs to a crit group and all of them have worked traditionally and are now tired of using somebody else's patterns. One of the exercises they did was to use a visual image as a jumping-off place to interpret or as inspiration. Here is one that conveys the feeling without being literal. And here is another, based on a photo I took in London last year of a building reflected in another building. They were all terrific and it gave me a boost and motivation to clean up the mess at the top and get myself working.

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jenny vorwaller said...

really lovely! thanks for sharing your work!

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