Friday, August 25, 2006

I should be sewing

My friend Helene claims it is procrastination: I say I have never heard the word. But somehow, I have been sidetracked, sideswiped, and sidelined this week by a few crises. To offset the craziness, I dyed some fabric today. Mostly, it came out like mud: I am a terrible dyer and this is why I print. Nonetheless, I got a couple of interesting results with clamping, one of which is at left. Speaking of fabric, I have been cutting some of my hand-printed fabrics into bite-size morsels and am offering them for sale on my website. You can see them here. As more become available, I'll post them. Tomorrow promises to be another busy day - but if I am lucky, I can make some time in the morning to stitch. Tonight, I'm done.


linda said...

As to procrastination, that's life. One is lucky to get through the first thing on the to-do list by the end of the day.

The handstitching looks great.

Helene said...

Them's tasty morsels!

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