Sunday, August 06, 2006

Last full day in Lowell. Marlene Cohen and I spent a lovely day -- first, breakfast at the Owl Diner. Then, we revisited yesterday's exhibits to see them when there were not hordes of people around. We also went to see the Quilt National segment that was at the Textile Museum: we agreed with the Boston Globe critic. QN did not hold up, with one or two exceptions as far as we were concerned. This is especially true because the Textile Museum had painted the walls in primary colors and displayed the work on those walls. Yeccch. Imagine Elizabeth Brimelow's transparent work hung on a BRIGHT BLUE wall. I had seen QN '05 in Ohio and there were some head-scratchers there. But seeing only one segment of the exhibit only served to emphasize the question "WHY???" about some of the entries. And it also emphasized the importance of displaying the artwork properly! The same could be said of the work at the Whistler. There were more pieces than could be comfortably displayed with enough space between them. Here is Marlene with her triptich. You can see that the next work is fairly close to it.

Art Quilts New England/New York at the Brush Gallery was better: there was more room between the pieces, but still not enough. Nevertheless, it was a strong show.

Off to bed to catch up on my lost sleep from the week: if I remember, I'll tell you tomorrow what that was about.

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Gerrie said...

I so agree with you. When I go to a gallery or a museum, I want some space so that I can have some alone time with a piece of art.

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