Thursday, August 31, 2006

what could be more cheerful than this

burgeoning forest of future avocado trees? They seem to have multiplied since we last saw this scene, and it makes me smile just to look at them. Happiness personified -- those little brown kernels, kept afloat by toothpicks. Can you tell I've been on a guacamole kick? All that vitamin E and good oils -- what could be bad? Yes, I know: the calories. But we'll ignore that part in favor of the potential greenery that is certain to appear if I talk to them enough. I think it is Thursday. This has been a week fraught with the angst of moving my mother into an assisted living facility: something she was not enthusiastic about. (This is something of an understatement.) No details necessary: suffice it to say that my avocado pits have provided me with a level of comfort in this zany end to a hellish year. The best part of today was this: I BAKED.

I celebrated this afternoon by baking rosemary pine nut biscotti, some of which I am now eating with a cuppa tea and lemon. I grew up on tea with lemon every night after dinner. Over the years, I have switched to drinking it 'au nature' -- but tonight, lemon. What would Freud say about THAT? As to the baking, my husband knows the significance of that: it is comfort, therapy, and pure happiness for me to bake. It rivals being in the studio -- with the additional pleasure of knowing the result will be good every time.

Earlier this week, I did seek comfort in the studio. I thought there should be something I could do to improve this piece of cotton I had batik'd last year and then discharged. It was okay, but not great. So I took half of it and went to work.

I like it better now: the wonderful warrior guy shows up better with the dark dyes. He was a gift from Helene when she was here visiting me in January and he makes me smile, too. Don't you think we need all the smiles we can get?

Gee, it is only 9:00. Seems later, but what do I know? I can get to work on the facing of the piece that is sitting on my table or I can make a phone call or two. On the other hand...


gabrielle said...

Rayna, I know how difficult things must be for you right now. Still grieving over the loss of my beloved mother in law, but you already know this was the best decision for both of you. Oh yeah, it was my generation that coined the phrase, "Be Here Now." Your message came through loud and clear.
Isn't there a biscotti you can have with a martini? If not, get it work on that one will you?

Lin said...

Rayna ... I'm not sure what's happening (re the comment above) but hope you're well. Your fabrics are ALWAYS such a delicious delight and eye candy! And yep, lots of avacados !!! But hon, that biscotti has my mouth watering!!!! Want to share the recipe?

Take care, Rayna ... I find creating to be comforting no matter the situation ... good luck and warm thoughts!

Rayna said...

I'll share the biscotti recipe in my next post. Thanks, Gabrielle & Lin!

Judy said...

The biscotti looks yummy and I'm so glad that you are going to share your recipe. Thanks in advance.
You've been through one heck of a week. My Mom has been most gracious about her move to Assisted Living, and it was still very difficult for me (and her!). I only hope that if my life ends the way my Mom's is, that I will be even half as gracious as she. I often wonder why we try to take care of we can end up in Assisted Living? Where and what is the prize?
Yes, I'm with Gabrielle: where is the recipe for the biscotti that accompanies the martini?
Many hugs and warm thoughts,

Oh, and your dye jobs are wonderful, but that goes without saying!!

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