Sunday, December 17, 2006

crit groups and crit groups

Earlier this week I attended a crit group meeting. Not my usual textiles art crit group, which is dear to my heart, but a meeting of 9 artists (out of 16 in the group) who work in mixed media, sculpture, photography, ceramics & glass, fiber, and printmaking.
I felt like the least talented member of this awesome group, but it was interesting that everybody has the same uncertainties: how to price, how to get the work "out there," how to market; how to shift creative doesn't matter what the medium or how spectacular the work -- we all have common ground. And it was a great forum for networking!
The phototographer, who is doing some cool digital work, is quitting his photography group after umpteen hundred years because they told him that what he is doing is too abstract and too much like ART, not "real" photography. DUH. One member has been painting landscapes for years and has decided she will shift gears and is trying to work more abstractly. She's just beginnng to experiment with something new. Getting input from people who are not familiar with each others' work is a vital and valuable thing -- and those of us who brought work and asked for feedback came away with something to think about in terms of where to go next. I brought the piece above because I am not completely happy with it. In the meantime, check out the websites of a few members of this talented group. Keely McCool Susan Lisbin Lisa Westheimer
I can hardly wait till next month's meeting.


susie said...

OK -- how did this group come about? I've had limited success trying to find a crit group or get one started, fiber or diff. media. It may be my locale, or that i just haven't found the right approach. Do you have any other tips to share on this?

Kelly said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love to see how the different connections/blogs lead us to one another. I love your blog and will be back regularly. Can't wait to hear more about the crit group and how it impacts your work.

lizzieb said...

Love this new piece...very different from what you have been doing! Took a look at the other artists' work. They are not better than can hold your own with this group. They just work differently from you!

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