Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday's adventures

This morning: I was packing supplies and my found objects drawer fell out of the cabinet and onto the floor. This is how my day started. I am still not done, and I suspect the box won't go out till Tuesday.
This afternoon: I went to a new beauty salon and got a beautiful haircut and color that looks fine(so far). Chrissie, my stylist, says it takes about 2 weeks to know whether a haircut is reallly good or not -- so we'll see. I no longer look like an overgrown tree, which is a big plus. Tomorrow, I may even treat myself to new makeup... This evening: I washed out some fabrics I had thrown in the dye bath earlier today. And they turned out pretty well, if I do say so. Somewhat better than my usual mudcloth (meaning color that looks like mud).Hooray!! Tonight: Where is my sewing machine manual???? Since my Bernina is useless till I get it to the shop, I've rediscovered my Viking 210 which I bought for $400 in 1994 and put away in 1998 when I got this used Bernina, thinking it would make me a better quilter. Ha ha ha. So now, the bobbin on the Viking isn't winding properly and I KNOW the manual was here the other day. But it has vanished. No doubtit fell into the trash when I was out of the room. Do I feel like buying another one? Nope. Will I? Sans doute. It is probably with my husband's 1 year old passport, which has also vanished. And with the hammer, which disappeared during my first marriage. Now: I have discovered that staying up late makes you hungry again, so I am going to bed. Maybe my sewing machine manual will turn up when I am less tired


Lisa Walton said...

What fun - and such a treasure trove. You had a great day didn't you?

Judy said...

Rayna...look in the cupboard above the fridge. Two weeks ago I misplaced the Spenda Brown sugar, couldn't find it anywhere. I bought some more and the very next morning, there was the old one, next to the cereal above the fridge. Yesterday I went rummaging for something in that same cupboard and found the fat free plain yogurt. Fortunately it had only been about 10 mins since I put it there, so it was ok. Of course, I had put the granola in the fridge. I guess I'm not totally awake in the mornings.
I wish you'd come clean up after me! You are doing a great job.

Gerrie said...

You can find the manuals on line sometimes - try the Viking site. Isn't it great to have a backup?

I am so excited. I just found out that your class at Claremont is for sure a go. We are going to have so much fun. Deb and I want to take you to Scharfenberger chodolate factory, if we can fit it in.

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