Sunday, December 24, 2006

life giving more gifts

Chanukah is over, but yesterday I received a gift from a stranger who has seen my solo exhibit, not once, but several times. One of my own postcards, addressed to me in an unfamilar handwriting, with a message that made a difference.While she said her art-buying days are over because she has a large collection in a small apartment, she also said that if she were in the market for a meaningful piece of art, it would be one of mine. A meaningful piece of art. Could she have said anything better? This morning, I looked her up and phoned her to thank her. She is a poet and journalist who teaches writing and poetry workshops to other senior citizens - at the Y, at assisted living facilities, and through on-line workshops. We had a wonderful conversation and she is sending me a copy of her book. I will make her a textile postcard that might or might not qualify as meaningful art - but will be from my heart. The kindness of strangers: small gifts with large impact. More gifts - from me to me. Marty, my mother, and I went to the movies today and saw Helene Mirren in "The Queen," which I highly recommend. We got there early enough to go into a nearby antique shop and poke around -- and I bought several items that called my name. The owner of the shop also gave me a deal I couldn't refuse, which made it relatively easy. But tell me what kind of a lunatic would buy such items?? Item #1: a large advertising thermometer from a long-defunct fancy men's clothier in Passaic, NJ. Item #2: no doubt from the same store - a box FULL of suiting material samples from Hart Schaffner & Marx, Winter 1929-30. Winter suits would have been ordered at the end of the summer, so I assume this was witness to Black Friday - Oct, 1929.

inside lid

inside box

sample card - no moth holes!

Item #3: a sample book #193 of vat-dyed rayon from National Analine, including formulas and instructions. The colors are still vivid.

So now I am off to make a meaningful (but small) piece of art for my postcard-writer. I wish those of you celebrating Christmas a happy December 25th.


DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

What great finds! When I was younger I went to the movies with my Mom on Christmas. What else was a Jewish mom and daughter to do?

A belated Happy Hanukkah to you and your family.

cfent said...

you have wonderful taste dear!!!
love your new gifts....
have a great one!

Judy said...

I'm so glad that those wonderful finds ended up in your hands...someone who truly appreciates them!!!
Am also glad that somebody bestowed that meaningful postcard gift upon you!!! Much applause to both of you!!!

Oh, and thanks for the movie recommendation. We have been wanting to see "The Queen"....and now we will!!


Deb H said...

Very nice to hear just what you need when you need it. Your work is very compelling, & the layers of meaning draw we the viewers in. Tha't why I'll be there in May to take your class!

I enjoyed "Queen" too. I was a little surprised at just how the queen actually lives & does things. It never occured to me she's drive an junker car!

Your treasures are great! Good for you. & happy belated Chanukah for you!

jenclair said...

Love the story of the postcard and won't she be pleased to see the return the effort brought her!

Also love the antique store artifacts...

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