Thursday, September 27, 2007

I should have been blogging

But I've been working on my kitchen redesign and a few other must-do's (with deadlines). Oh, and going to the gym, which takes an hour out of every day. Yesterday morning, once I was out, I stayed out and went appliance shopping.

Tuesday we had our Studio Six (aka crit) meeting for this month. We've invited 4 people to join us and 3 of them came with their work. It's nice to have an infusion of new spirit and new ideas! They're relatively new to surface design but you wouldn't know it! And they are very new to the art quilt side of things - you wouldn't know that, either.

On the left, Lisa (out of the picture) is holding up some pieces done with sheers. The picture doesn't do them justice and it is very hard to photograph sheers, but they are really wonderful.Click on the picture and you can see them more closely.

Here is Lisa's whole-cloth quilt. The organic shapes are quite interesting, and different from anything I've seen lately. We talked about how she should quilt it.Finally, Susan showed us a few pieces she had finished. Here is one of them. If you click on the picture, you can have a better look and see how she stitched it. Randy brought her just-finished Dear Jane quilt, which I was so entranced with I forgot to photograph it. Next time! I brought my almost-finished piece and showed it; they had all seen it when it was just a baby. Now it needed a name. But I am not posting it.

I haven't eaten breakfast yet - and then off to the gym. I'm running late this morning.

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Linda Branch Dunn said...

I love the sheers piece. I've had sheers on the brain but haven't gotten around to playing with them. Seems like an opportunity to play with the nature of the medium, yes? Here is something paint-and-canvas doesn't do.

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